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What can I expect?

A little bit about your treatment

When you come for a kinesiology treatment, I start by taking a thorough case history and discussing what brought you to the appointment. This is usually about fifteen minutes or shorter if you have been able to fill in a client questionnaire in advance. Once on the couch, where you remain fully clothed at all times, muscle testing is used to diagnose what is out of balance in the body before continuing with the MCPE approach as detailed HERE.

Nutritional supplements will be suggested depending which ones have tested positive for your body – these are an additional charge to the cost of the treatment.

Treatments last 90 minutes and finish with some quiet energy work so that hopefully you will leave feeling calm and centred. Usually you will feel the benefits from just one treatment, but depending on the severity of the problem, and how long you have had it, then it may take three of four.


My treatment room is thoroughly cleaned between clients and I wear both a visor and mask and ask you to wear a mask. On arrival I will take your temperature and ask you to wash your hands and will do the same myself. I will send out a pre-appointment questionnaire the day before your treatment to check you are healthy and fit and ask you to sign a disclaimer on arrival for the appointment.

What can I expect?: About
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