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About Systematic Kinesiology

Systematic kinesiology is fantastic because it looks at the whole body using a mental, chemical, physical, electrical (MCPE) approach. I believe you have to get to the root cause of whatever is causing an imbalance in the body and that is why I love systematic kinesiology. 

Starting with the M, which stands for mental, or eMotional, many many problems have emotions as their root cause – after all, the word disease comes from dis – ease, so uneasiness in the mind - even if it seems like a purely structural problem like a sore knee, you will be amazed at what difference it can make to delve into those emotions. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable, but well worth it. I also work with Bach flower remedies which are fantastic for helping to dissolve negative emotions.

However, a systematic kinesiology treatment also involves some structural work including lymphatic massage on specific points relevant to the different muscles that are tested and found to be out of balance. So that’s the physical.

Chemical encompasses a wide range of things but mainly the focus is on nutrition – both the food you eat and finding out what is beneficial to you uniquely and of course not so beneficial – that is the beauty of systematic kinesiology – muscle testing takes the guess work out of healthcare. We also have a wide range of nutritional supplements that we test to see what will help the body heal from any imbalances. Whilst in an ideal world with a healthy diet, we shouldn’t need any additional nutritional supplements, the environment we live in now is far from ideal with our bodies dealing with toxins and pollution on a daily basis and our food lacking in as many nutrients as from past generations.

The electrical side of kinesiology is one of my favourite aspects. This is where kinesiology meets Traditional Chinese Medicine as we work very much with the meridian system, which of course the Chinese have based their healthcare system on for thousands of years, and believe that our life force, our qi, flows through our meridians. I am fascinated by meridians, and the huge impact they have on our body, our health and our well-being – they are so important as they really underpin everything we do in kinesiology.

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